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I love how you can meet someone for the first time and just know you are going to be pals.  It happens often in Senior Photography, maybe because I can distinctly remember myself at that age, or maybe because they just think this 30 something mother of 7 is a pretty cool chick??  Nah…  It’s probably just because they know I’m going to make them feel like a super model for a couple hours.

Anyhoo… that’s how I felt about sweet Carlee.  I felt like if I were a senior in High School right now, we would definitely be friends.  And for that reason, I knew as soon as Carlee said hello, that we were going to have a wonderful session.

She put so much time and thought to each one of her beautiful outfits.  She shares my fondness for some of our local boutiques.  I’m pretty sure she got a couple tops from Lace and Arrow.  (One of my fave down town boutiques that you can find here) She even had different accessories to go with each different outfit, and her Grandmothers dainty single pearl necklace to add a touch of sentiment to make her session uniquely special to her and her family.  I didn’t have to help her at all with her styling, she had it all completely covered all by herself!  My only addition was a hat that she wore for a few shots… which was so adorable by the way.

For Carlee’s pre-session consultation, she decided she wanted a few different Fort Wayne locations.  She wanted some urban type images as well as some sunset field images.  Sometimes time doesn’t allow for both types of locations in one photo session, but we got lucky and pulled it off.  I’m so glad we did because her urban images are some of my favorites… but her sunset field images are amazing.  We were lucky enough to make it to the field location just in time for the most beautiful sunset!  It was perfection.

The very last shot in my blog post is my favorite from the session… I got her to laugh right at the end when the sun was dipping below the horizon and that genuine smile shot is just the best.  Plus I just loved her dress (and shoes) for that location.  She was rocking it!

Carlee, I hope you have a fabulous year as the final chapter in your High School career.  I know that you will do amazing things in your life.  Congratulations and good luck my young pal. 🙂




Newborn Photography in Fort Wayne, IN

I had the pleasure of working with this adorable family for a special newborn session.  This sweet dad wanted to surprise his wife with a Newborn Photography Session as a gift for Mother’s Day.  I was so excited because she had actually reached out to me weeks earlier to book the session, only to have her sneaky husband say no.  😉

Jack was a perfect angel for his newborn session, along with big brother Jimmy… who is quite possibly the cutest guy I have ever had in the studio.  I wanted to keep them both!!  Aren’t they the cutest pair of boys you have ever seen, and with the perfect names??  I just loved them.  Jack was so squishy and curly and such a cuddle bug.  Oh, and he had the most perfect head of hair.

I have been doing Newborn Photography here in Ft. Wayne IN for a couple years now, and I’m just amazed at how different each and every little baby is.  Some babies don’t like to be on their backs, some don’t like to be on their tummies.  Some prefer to be wrapped, others prefer to be naked.  But one thing that all babies do, just before they flash a smile is flutter their eyes.  I can almost always capture that sweet smile just by watching for that little sign and Jack did not disappoint!  He gave me the cutest smile in two different set ups.  My favorite one is in this series of shots right here. I just love working with these tiny humans!

This makes me so excited for my own baby to arrive in the fall.  I just can’t believe that I will be having my own newborn session in 6 months or so!  Eeeeek, I’m so excited!




Let’s talk about the importance of Family Sessions for a sec.  I could go on and on and on about why I think Family Photography is so important.  I think it’s important for several reasons… but one of the biggest is this:

  Time never stops.  Ever.

No matter how hard we try, time will never stand still.  In each and every moment, you child is growing up.  Those little curls in your daughters hair, the fat rolls on your baby’s legs… they are all temporary and ever changing.  And you, as the parents, are growing older.  You wont always be able to throw your toddlers into the air.  You wont always be wrinkle free.  LOL   Now is the time to document these years of your youth with your young children.  Because before you know it, they will be graduating high school…. and getting married.  (Yes.  Seriously. This happens.  sniff sniff.)  It is crucial to document the stages of your family throughout the years.  If you don’t, the years will slip by and as much as you think you wont… you WILL forget little details.

Another reason that it is so important:  You are leaving a legacy.

 Why is it important to leave a legacy? Because the photographs you have are a vault of treasures that can be revisited by others after you’re gone. It’s important to those we might leave behind (whether they know that yet or not) so it should be important to you. Have you lost a family member in the past?  What is one of the first things that we do?  Look for photographs of them.  Or photographs with yourself with that lost loved one.  Most often times, these images can be the keepsakes of memory that remind us of the way people smiled or the gestures they made when they laughed.   Those photos allow us to look into the eyes of those that we loved and continue to love, and find comfort and joy.

So please, if you are interested in family photography, don’t wait to schedule your session.  Set it up today.  Get in the frame with your loved ones.  Kiss on them.  Play with them.  And let me document it for you and your family to enjoy for a lifetime.

In the mean time, take a look at some of my favorite clients with their precious little 1 year old Henry.  I first photographed him as a 2 week old newborn.  And just like that, a year has passed.  I’m telling you, time never stops.

Enjoy 🙂


Preston’s mom and I went to school together years ago, and it was such an honor to capture this special time for her and her family.

How adorable is big sister here?  She was such a  little mom, it was the cutest thing ever.

Preston was such an angle baby, he never made a peep and barely opened his eyes!  I love it when that happens, it makes my job a lot easier. 🙂

Congrats again Carrie on your precious baby boy.

Newborn Photographer in Fort Wayne INNewborn Photographer in Fort Wayne IN
Newborn Photographer in Fort Wayne INNewborn Photographer in Fort Wayne INNewborn Photographer in Fort Wayne IN

Newborn Photographer in Fort Wayne INNewborn Photographer in Fort Wayne INNewborn Photographer in Fort Wayne IN
Newborn Photographer in Fort Wayne IN

I just love when my newborn clients come back to see me for their milestone sessions!

This is sweet Ivy.  I just loved her newborn session so much, and was so excited to see her again.To see my favorite from her newborn session, click here.

She was such a perfect angel for me when she was a few days old.  I was anxious to see if she was going to be nice to me as a six month old too. 🙂

  We tried to recreate an image that we took at her newborn session of Ivy on her daddy’s guitar (that actually once belonged to her grandpa that had passed away).  It was a very special image for this sweet family, and I was so tickled with the way it turned out.  I will include that special shot at the end of this blog post.

Her mom is an amazingly talented floral designer for Be Married, and she made the most adorable pieces for Ivy to incorporate into her session.  I just love when my clients bring special things for their session.  They make each session unique and extra special just for them.  Oh, and how perfectly did these floral creations go with the adorable lace romper that I purchased from Cora & Violet.  If you haven’t yet, check out her amazing pieces.  She makes the most amazing things for little ones for Child Photography and Newborn Photography photo sessions.  I’m obsessed.

I can’t wait to see her again for her one year pics!


Child Photographer in Fort Wayne INChild Photographer in Fort Wayne INChild Photographer in Fort Wayne INChild Photographer in Fort Wayne INChild Photographer in Fort Wayne INChild Photographer in Fort Wayne INChild Photographer in Fort Wayne INChild Photographer in Fort Wayne IN

 Child Photographer in Fort Wayne IN

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