Fort Wayne IN Senior Photographer | Carlee {class of 2017}

Fort Wayne IN Senior Photography  |  Fort Wayne IN Senior Photographer

I love how you can meet someone for the first time and just know you are going to be pals.  It happens often in Senior Photography, maybe because I can distinctly remember myself at that age, or maybe because they just think this 30 something mother of 7 is a pretty cool chick??  Nah…  It’s probably just because they know I’m going to make them feel like a super model for a couple hours.

Anyhoo… that’s how I felt about sweet Carlee.  I felt like if I were a senior in High School right now, we would definitely be friends.  And for that reason, I knew as soon as Carlee said hello, that we were going to have a wonderful session.

She put so much time and thought to each one of her beautiful outfits.  She shares my fondness for some of our local boutiques.  I’m pretty sure she got a couple tops from Lace and Arrow.  (One of my fave down town boutiques that you can find here) She even had different accessories to go with each different outfit, and her Grandmothers dainty single pearl necklace to add a touch of sentiment to make her session uniquely special to her and her family.  I didn’t have to help her at all with her styling, she had it all completely covered all by herself!  My only addition was a hat that she wore for a few shots… which was so adorable by the way.

For Carlee’s pre-session consultation, she decided she wanted a few different Fort Wayne locations.  She wanted some urban type images as well as some sunset field images.  Sometimes time doesn’t allow for both types of locations in one photo session, but we got lucky and pulled it off.  I’m so glad we did because her urban images are some of my favorites… but her sunset field images are amazing.  We were lucky enough to make it to the field location just in time for the most beautiful sunset!  It was perfection.

The very last shot in my blog post is my favorite from the session… I got her to laugh right at the end when the sun was dipping below the horizon and that genuine smile shot is just the best.  Plus I just loved her dress (and shoes) for that location.  She was rocking it!

Carlee, I hope you have a fabulous year as the final chapter in your High School career.  I know that you will do amazing things in your life.  Congratulations and good luck my young pal. 🙂




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