Fort Wayne IN Family Photographer | The Schrensky Family

I was SO excited to hit one of my favorite Fort Wayne IN location’s this year.  It’s the ideal spot in all seasons, but there is something so dreamy about the sunny light here in the summer.  And boy was it hot this night!!  But this crew handled it like troopers! I on the other hand, was a complete sweaty mess.  LOL!

There is something so special about when my clients return to me for another photo shoot.  I first met the Schrensky family a year ago for Grayson’s newborn photos.

He was such a perfect little angel for me then, and still has the same temperament now!  Such a chill little dude.  I couldn’t believe how much he has grown.  It’s always so amazing to see my former “itty bitty” clients grow into toddlers.

I say all the time that I have the best job in the world.  I really do.  I just love what I do so much!  To connect with these families year after year, it’s just priceless.  I can honestly say that my clients all become like friends and family to me.  I just adore them all so much.


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