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Baby Jack!

Isn’t he just the cutest??  His brow was furrowed almost the entire session, I just loved it.

It was so great meeting these first time parents!  I know most times when parents come to see me, they are completely sleep deprived and running on fumes.  I hope to be able to offer any advice I can since I am a seasoned pro with 8 kiddos of my own.  I’ve been there… 8 times in fact.  I’ve nursed them all, and can usually relate to the exhaustion.  Not only will I answer any questions about parenthood, but hopefully I can offer just a little bit of a break while I tend to the baby.  They can close their eyes for a little bit knowing that I’m fully capable of caring for their precious baby for a couple hours.  And rest assured that I have trained my assistant of baby safety.  She is there to make sure that the baby is always spotted and never put into any unnecessary harm from any pose.  We both love what we do and love to spend time with these precious babies during our Newborn Photography sessions!

Since I have an assistant now, I can focus on more of the artistic side of things.  For instance, I was able to try a couple new things at this session, like the back lit shot of this adorable family.  I just love how it turned out!!

Congrats again to the Koloff family.  Jack is such a handsome little fella!  And my favorite shot is that last bucket one with the fox. Love it!!




Fort Wayne IN Newborn Photography | Fort Wayne IN Newborn Photographer

I have come to the point in my photography career that I need some help!  I’ve decided to hire an assistant.  In doing so, I needed a baby model so that I could train my assistant in baby safety during sessions, as well as my workflow.

I was so happy that Amy was able to bring in her new little daughter for this model gig!

Sweet little Maria.  She was absolutely perfect!!

Isn’t she just an angel?  There were so many great shots from her session, and I loved each and every one!

I sure hope mom loves them too.  Thanks again Amy for letting Maria be my little model while I trained my assistant to help me at all my newborn studio sessions.

We both appreciated it so much!




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Oliver’s 1 year milestone session

Oh Mister Oliver.

He didn’t care for me too much. Ha ha!  As soon as they walked in the door, he flashed the biggest smiles, but once we got into my studio… nada.

All he wanted was his beautiful mama, who was just out of reach.  Which made Oliver not a happy camper.  But, I wasn’t going to give up easily!!  I pulled out all the stops!!  And just when I didn’t think I had any ideas left, I turned on some music.

Who knew, all he needed was a little bit of dancin’ music!  And wouldn’t ya know, the song that worked like a charm was “Happy” by Pharrell.  So fitting.  It really made him happy. 🙂

It was such a pleasure to capture his little personality for his 1 year milestone!  Happy birthday little buddy.

Fort Wayne IN Newborn Photographer | Fort Wayne IN Newborn Photography

Alaina Rose

Little Alaina and her mom and aunt came to visit me in the studio.  What a little sweetheart she was!!!  I was totally enamored with her hair… it stuck up all over the place.

She was so alert for the beginning of our session.  I just love the shot of her looking right at me!

And she gave me the mother of all smiles in that mint color set up. LOVE!

  I love being able to photograph these little miracles, but I love being able to connect with their moms so much too.

This is just such a rewarding job all around.

Congrats again Lisa, she is such a beautiful little girl.



Fort Wayne IN Newborn Photographer | Fort Wayne IN Newborn Photography

It was snowy and cold outside here in Ft. Wayne, Indiana on the day of this newborn session.  But it was nice and toasty warm in my studio!

Let me introduce you to the cutest little babe that has ever been in my studio!!

Sweet and adorable Fahad.

This boy has stolen my heart.  He is the most beautiful little thing I’ve ever seen!

His hair, his lips, his eyelashes….. Oh my ovaries just can’t handle it!

He was absolutely perfect for his simple newborn session… In fact, I never saw his eyes!  He never made a peep.

Congrats again Ekram!!  He is absolutely precious.


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