What can I expect from my photo session?

With the exception of newborn sessions (2-3+ hours), each session lasts from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the type of the session.  My goal is to make you and your loved ones feel at ease and relaxed so that I can capture your true personalities in these timeless portraits.  

I’ve booked my session, now what?

You book your session when you pay the $175  deposit.   After the funds are confirmed you will receive a password to the EFP Prep Packs and contracts.  I will also send you a client questionnaire via email.  These packs have all the information you will need about our session and the questionnaire helps me learn everything I need about you to prepare for our session, including the date/time/location of your shoot.  Please look through the prep pack before our consult as the answers to many frequently asked questions are in there.  I prefer all forms of communication be via email or phone call.

What time of day/location is best for our session?

The absolute best time of day for outdoor sessions is at sunset.  Therefore, I schedule all of my outdoor sessions based upon what time the sun is setting.  So you can expect that we will start about an hour before sunset.  For newborns and milestone sessions, I schedule mid morning sessions in my studio.

When should I book my newborn session?

It’s never too early to book your newborn session!  Once deposit is paid, I reserve a spot on my calendar in the vicinity of your due date.  At this time, I will send you a Newborn Prep Packet to let you know how to prepare for our session.  Then you just let me know after the baby arrives so that we can nail down a specific day/time within the first 2 weeks after delivery.

Can we schedule a full newborn sessions after the baby is 2 weeks old?

In a short answer… no.  It is important to schedule newborn sessions within that 2 week time frame for several reasons.  First and foremost, your brand new baby is only a brand new baby for such a short time.  I want to capture that newness!  Those tiny little fingers and toes, the peach fuzz on their shoulders and that flaky skin…  they grow and change so quickly.    Secondly, the baby tends to sleep soundly for longer periods of time at this age.  This is the biggest reason why I don’t schedule newborns after that 2 week time period.  It is imperative for a sleeeeeeeepy baby to achieve the curly, squishy, sleepy poses.  Third, this time period is usually before colic and baby acne sets in so the baby is happy, non gassy  and sleepy. If you have missed the 2 week time frame, we could always shoot for a simple newborn session, as I tend to wrap the baby and go for more unposed shots.  🙂

How long until I see my proofs?

I like to post a sneak peek of your session onto my social media pages a few days after our session.  And then 14 days after our session, I will send you a link to your fully edited online gallery.  These files are available for downloading instantaneously and are high resolution.  

You can also order prints directly from this site at cost, which is HIGHLY recommended.  Your prints will arrive within days and are printed at a high quality professional printing lab.

This online gallery is very helpful for sharing with your loved ones and extended family members, as you can send them a link to view and purchase prints on their own.

Does the $175 deposit count towards the session fee ?

No.  The deposit just secures your session date. All session prices are listed on the pricing page under the description of each session type, and is listed as the price after the deposit.  The prices listed are payable the day of your session.

So, I receive all the digital files from my session?

Yup!  Absolutely!!  Digital files are included in the Session Price.  

The add on options (Maternity & Milestone) do I pay the $175 deposit and another $175 at booking?

Nope.  It’s $175 total.  I reserve these “add on” sessions for my clients that have already or will book a newborn session with me.

How long will my online gallery be available?

Your gallery will be open for 2 weeks from the day that it is posted. Please be sure to download your files before the 2 week time frame has expired. 

 A print order (if placing one) must be placed in this time frame.

What happens if my online viewing gallery expires before I downloaded my files?  Do I lose the files for good?? 🙁

Of course you don’t lose the files!!  However, there is a $50 gallery re-opening fee for any expired gallery to be re-opened.  Don’t worry.  I send an email to you the day before it expires so that you have a reminder!  I get it!!  Life gets crazy and we get busy and forget.  Just be sure not to forget after your reminder!!  It will cost ya $50.

Do you shoot weddings?

  Not at this time.

I would like to have photos done of my entire extended family for my parents anniversary, do you shoot extended families?

Not at this time.


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